Precursor Games’ Social Media Manager Phil Haymes has popped up on the Shadow of the Eternals forums to confirm that, as promised, the game is not dead. Phil has confirmed further that he and Denis Dyack are already coming ‘out of slumber’ and will be more active in the site’s official forums.

Phil also clarifies that there will not be an update on the game’s progress for a long time. They will be spending the next few months assessing their options and figure out the best thing to do for the game.

The company put the project on hiatus September of last year after two failed Kickstarter campaigns, and amid a lot of skepticism over the company’s staff, especially Denis Dyack. While the reasons for the skepticism are understandable, Denis and the people at Precursor are bending over to prove that they are sincere about this project.

We hope to share good news about Shadow of the Eternals in the coming months and wish the Precursor Games staff the best of luck.

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