Prepare to dive into Anno 2070’s oceanic add-on

Is life much better down where it’s wetter? Anno 2070  intends to investigate this question in Deep Water, a new add-on for the title due in autumn. Get your flippers and breathing gear ready, because it’s taking the city-building and economics of the original a fair old distance below the waves.
You can expect a new civilisation level for the Tech faction; the ‘genius’ population class. These guys are presumably either disgruntled Apple employees or Andrew Ryan from Bioshock. Either way, they’ll give you access to new production chains, new vehicles and new items.
A few other new features include the “hostile takeover” option (allowing you to nab enemy territory without military force), geothermal power plants for your energy needs, and a potentially ruinous threat in the form of tsunamis.
Deep Water will require the base Anno 2070 game, which is available now on PC.


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