Total War: Rome 2 - Pontus

I see these guys are the fashionistas of the Roman world.

While you’re watching interesting historical videos with Mykel Hawke, you can now also pre-load Total War: Rome II on Steam. This is an even better idea than it is for other games, because Rome II is pretty massive. In total, you’ll need 35GB of hard-drive space for it, and the game pre-load is in the region of 10GB.

Speaking of regions, Sega is warning people that certain editions of the title are region-locked. So if you bought a copy in Russia or India make sure you actually live there. As for when the game itself will fully unlock, that’ll be a shade after midnight (Pacific Time) on 3 September. That’s the earliest possible point of 3 September, rather than the latest possible point. If you’re in other time-zones, this is when you’ll be able to play: 03:00 EDT / 08:00 BST / 09:00 CET / 17:00 AEST.

There’ll also be a Day One patch for the game featuring the Pontus faction (above,) so you’ll have to grab that before playing too (it won’t be part of the pre-load.) IncGamers may or may not be bringing you a review of Total War: Rome 2, because despite repeated promises no review code has shown up yet. We’d like to, because it looks like a good game, but it all rather depends on Sega.

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