Prey PC ultra-wide support and FOV via config confirmed

Prey PC ultra-wide support and FOV via config confirmed

PC gamers are waiting to find out how the PC version of Prey will perform and we already know about some of the PC graphics options. Arkane has now confirmed the FOV can be adjusted and there’s ultra-wide support.

When the game launches the FOV can be adjusted via the game’s config file and Arkane will be adding a proper slider after launch. 21:9 ultra-wide support is supported at launch.

Arkane’s technical engineer is also confident the PC version’s performance will be fine adding, “We have done a lot of testing with many outside groups to make sure our performance is what we want it to be on the various hardware. I think folks will be pleased with how Prey looks/runs on PC. I know I definitely am (I am the Lead Technical Engineer)!”

Bethesda has already revealed some of the graphics options which include, object detail, shadow quality, texture quality, anisotropic filtering, anti-aliasing, horizontal field of view, screen space directional Occlusion, and screen space reflections

Tomorrow is a big day for Prey and we’ll find out if their confidence is justified. Stay tuned for our technical review.

 Update: Read the PC Invasion Technical Review

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