Primal Carnage to add free “Get to the Chopper” mode

Tim’s major problem with Primal Carnage (aside from his puzzlingambivalence towards dinosaurs) was the lack of … well … stuff to do in the game. At the time of writing, the game only really had deathmatch as an available mode of play. That’ll change later this month, with the release of an objective-based mode called “Get to the Chopper”.

There’ll also be a brand new map to play that on (presumably one featuring a helicopter), marking the first slice of what the developers call “a slew of new content”. Further modes and maps are promised in the coming weeks, all of them said to be 100% free.

In addition, five new skins (one for each of the playable dinosaur classes) will be released later in the month, with plans for further alternative skin packs.


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