Prime Gaming free games for July 2021 include Telltale’s Batman sequel and more

I'm Batman. Again.
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Last month, Amazon’s Prime Gaming gave away a free copy of Battlefield 4 as well as Batman: The Telltale Series. In July, the company plans on going full circle. Batman: The Enemy Within will go for free among others for Prime Gaming in July 2021. The sequel, featuring everyone’s favorite clown prince of crime, was better received than its predecessor. If you played the last game for the first time through Prime, then soon you will be able to finish up the story. Prime Gaming in July will five other games, along with a whole bunch of additional loot and content drops.

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I suppose I rank among those who still have the Batman sequel to play. The original was great, I felt, as it brought intuitive detective gameplay and some refreshing twists on the well-known Batman mythos. Batman: The Enemy Within builds on the original’s foundation, while still including Telltale’s brand of branching narratives and choices that aren’t always always choices. Regardless, generally Telltale games have included stories interesting enough to carry you through their multiple episodes.


Prime Gaming for July 2021 brings a handful of other free games, if you’re not up to playing the caped crusader. RAD, an action roguelike set in a post-post apocalypse, is going free. There will also be The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature, a game that puts you in the boots of the monster. Tales of the Neon Sea will be free, which marks the second time in recent memory the game has been given away. The other free games include Automachef and Portal Dogs.

Tales Of The Neon Sea prime gaming july 2021

If this keeps up, everyone should have a copy of Tales of the Neon Sea somewhere.

More loot than you can shake a peg leg at

Starting July 1, Prime Gaming will offer a bunch of free loot for games. Some of the games getting said content include Sea of Thieves (with a pirate-y dab emote that’s, uh, cool I guess), Dauntless, League of Legends, MapleStory, and many more. To get the lowdown on all the content drops for July, hit up the Prime Gaming page.

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