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Today, Prime Gaming is offering free in-game content for Genshin Impact, the smash-hit gacha game. For those who don’t know, Genshin Impact is a free-to-play open-world RPG that lets you gather a team of characters, level them up, and go on adventures. The game has been wildly successful since its launch in September of last year. Working together with Prime Gaming only makes sense, especially when considering how many other popular games have had content available via the platform.

There will be eight bundles available through Prime Gaming for Genshin Impact. That includes July all the way up to December of this year. November will include two drops in the same month. This month’s drop includes 60 Primogems, which is the premium currency for the game. It also includes eight Hero’s Wit, a character level-up item that provides 20,000 character EXP. You also get five Mushroom Pizzas, a healing item that restores 26-30% of a character’s max HP. It also regenerates 450-790 HP every five seconds for 30 seconds.


We also know what the drop will be in August. That will contain one Fragile Resin, which instantly restores 60 Original Resin. You can also claim eight Mystic Enhancement Ore, a weapon level-up item that provides 10,000 weapon EXP, and 20,000 Mora, the game’s free currency. As of now, we don’t know what the rest of the drops will contain. But based on these first two, these are great boosts for those that play on the regular. You can check all the info from Prime Gaming here.

Prime Gaming Genshin Impact

Get it while the gettin’s good

To enter the code to receive your loot, open the Paimon menu and open the settings menu by clicking the gear icon. In the setting’s menu, go to account, redeem code, and then exchange. After redeeming the code, you will receive the items via in-game mail. You can also redeem the code through the game’s official website by logging in and clicking the “redeem code” tab. This loot will also be available across all platforms where you’ve enabled cross-play with the same account as well.

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