Prison Architect Alpha 27 fixes kitchens, again

Prison Architect Alpha 27 fixes kitchens, again
prison architect kitchens
It makes sense, honest. Just watch the video.

Introversion were so sure they’d fixed Prison Architect‘s kitchens/food issues back in Alpha 26. Well, now they’re sure they’ve fixed it again in Alpha 27.

Apparently, some players realised that “food magically teleports from kitchens to canteens” could be very easily exploited by building a kitchen miles away from canteens. This time, it’s been fixed via the superpower of a Logistics screen.

This kinda seems to be Introversion throwing up their hands and saying “Prison Architect‘s AI has a pretty good guess at how things should work, but now you can fix it yourselves if you don’t like it.” The AI will automatically try to decide which canteens are fed by which kitchens, based on supply/demand, but you can now completely override that as well as deciding which canteens service which prisoners.

In much the same way, you can now schedule your classes in your classrooms however you like. Prison Architect will still attempt to do it automatically, but maybe you have one classroom for one particular set of inmates, or you want to be a sadistic git and screw things up by scheduling classes for when they don’t have free time and can’t attend. Up to you! All of this is Introversion taking a bit of a step back from their previous idea that you weren’t going to be able to totally micromanage everything in the prison, but they’re still trying to make it so that you don’t have to. It’s just that you can if you want to, or if the game cannot figure out what insane ploy you’re attempting.

There are a few more additions in Prison Architect Alpha 27, too – you can now build phone taps to get information on individual inmates rather than having to risk informants, for instance. For the full details have a look at the deeply amusing video below.

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