Introversion’s (Defcon, Darwinia, Uplink) next project, the top-down prison building title Prison Architect could arrive in some form as early as September. The current plan from the developers is to run a sort of ‘paid alpha’ period, where interested players can pay a reduced fee to get the game early. It’s the same system that was used by Minecraft and the original Mount & Blade.
    The current schedule puts that first alpha release “half way through/two thirds through of this year, so maybe September time”, according to Introversion’s Chris Delay. After that, alpha members would get a new update every three or four weeks. A full ‘version 1.0’ could emerge around early 2013.
    Meanwhile, a first look trailer for the game has been released, which you can watch below. The game seems like it has a classic Bullfrog (Theme Hospital, Theme Park) vibe. I especially like the floaty people (the art is being done by Ryan Sumo, the same guy who worked on SpaceChem).
    Source: pcgamer.com

    Paul Younger
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