Prison Architect Going Green

Going to prison is all about paying for your crimes, trying not to get shanked, and now, growing vegetables. Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven have just announced Prison Architect: Going Green, the next expansion for the prison management simulator. Going Green will add new gameplay mechanics, as well as introduce prison yard farming.

Get your convicts into the garden and turn your prison into a self-sustaining compound. You will be able to farm the land, construct environmentally friendly energy sources, and use sustainable materials to customize your compound. Hopefully, you will also improve the quality of your prison’s food.


Here’s how you go green

Prison Architect: Going Green adds a bunch of new features to the game. The main one is a new type of Prison Labor, farming. This will allow your inmates to grow a whole range of produce. It’s up to you if you want to profit off your incarcerated workforce or let them taste the fruits of their labor with better prison meals.

The Fruit Orchard, Farm Field, and Vegetable Allotment are the three types of outdoor rooms you can use for farming. Moreover, you don’t need to leave all the work up to the inmates, Farm Workers can also be hired to help out. You should probably also build a Pantry to store produce and a Shed to house tools.

Some inmates will really take to farm life and begin to grow flowers and other plants for fun. It might even make them happy. However, crafty prisoners are always on the lookout for new opportunities. Ways they might grow their own businesses. You’ll need to keep an eye out for secret herb crops, booze brewing, and inmates turning your gardens into Gang Turf.

Prison Architect: Going Green follows on from the Island Bound expansion and will launch on PC on January 28. You will need the base game to get in on the sustainable action. If you don’t own Prison Architect yet, you can head over to Steam and pick it up.

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