Pro Evo 2014 asian champ league

    For the foreseeable future, EA’s FIFA series seems to have the Premier League and other European league licensing deals locked down. But the Pro Evo team have quietly been building up a set of licenses of their own from other leagues and contests around the world.

    In the last game players could take part in the South American Copa Libertadores, and now Konami has announced that the Asian Champions League will be playable in Pro Evo 2014 and beyond. Since 2008, the series also holds the UEFA Champions League license.

    This new deal means that Pro Evo 2014 will have a dedicated mode that lets you lead one of 32 teams competing in the Asian Champions League to glory. So if you fancy helping Uslan Hyundai win it again, you can do just that.

    “We are very excited to see the AFC Champions League integrated into the acclaimed Pro Evolution Soccer series, and foresee a long, close and mutually beneficial partnership for us both,” says Chairman of the Asian Football Confederation Marketing Committee Dr. Hafez Al Medlej, who I’m sure is a dedicated Pro Evo player.

    Peter Parrish

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