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Developer Bounding Box Software’s modern boomer shooter Prodeus has remained in Early Access since late 2020. Soon after its release, it became apparent that Prodeus more than succeeded at scratching players’ classic first-person shooter itch, at least judging by the “overwhelmingly positive” user rating on Steam. Fortunately for Prodeus fans, the recent Realms Deep Showcase revealed that the game will finally leave its Early Access state and see a full release on September 23, only four days from now. The game costs $24.99 USD on Steam, but those who would rather save some money can pick it up on Game Pass instead.

Although Prodeus boasts gameplay and pixelated visuals that harken back to 1990s first-person shooters, it still features plenty of touches and flourishes that you’d see in the AAA shooters of today. One of the game’s more modern elements comes in the form of a dynamically-evolving soundtrack courtesy of Andrew Hulshult, the same composer behind the score of “The Ancient Gods” DLC for Doom Eternal.


Literal bang for your buck

Players can test their skills in “a hand-crafted campaign from industry FPS veterans” as well as “co-op and competitive multiplayer play drawing on classic modes.” The PvP modes can support up to 16 players, and they include the likes of Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag, among others. Additionally, Prodeus contains a full-blown level editor that allows players to make the most out of the game’s mechanics without getting bogged down in overly cumbersome editing tools.

Prodeus has quite a bit to offer for longtime fans of the first-person shooter genre. That should become all the more apparent once it finally breaks free of its Early Access shackles in a few days. The full release will include brand-new maps, weapons, and level editor features in addition to four-player co-op, so those who have already played Prodeus will have extra incentive to return to it.

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