Project Athia is now Forspoken, and it’s coming in 2022

Forspoken Project Athia 2022 pc requirements

The game once known under the working title of Project Athia has a name. It will now be known as Forspoken, which looks really odd when written out. During the Square Enix Presents liveshow today, the publisher dropped the new name as well as a gameplay trailer. Forspoken is still early in development, but Square Enix and the developer Luminous Productions are gunning for a release date in 2022.

The official title announcement/gameplay trailer is introduced by the main character’s voice actor. Ella Balinska, Jane Kano in 2019’s Charlie’s Angels, is playing the role of Frey Holland. Now, the game’s description calls Frey “an ordinary young woman.” But there’s hardly anything ordinary on display regarding her in this trailer.


Frey uses magical abilities, possibly ordinary ones, to jet around the world and fight enemies. Honestly, this is a pretty exciting trailer, and a great introduction to the game’s mechanics. Movement in Forspoken looks absolutely wild. Frey darts up cliffs and across the environment as if wielding magical rocket boosters. She also uses offensive and defensive magical abilities. Frey equips an enchanted shield in one moment, before freezing what looks like a Five Nights at Freddy’s escapee with a stone spell. Forspoken is an action RPG, where you hunt down answers to a mystery in the land of Athia.

Forspoken, heading out in 2022 and hopefully for PC at the same time

Forspoken is coming to PC as well as the PlayStation 5. As is the trend, however, some recently announced PC games also coming to PS5 have been hit by the dreaded limited-time console exclusivity. Square Enix hasn’t mentioned any kind of exclusivity deal, however. Hopefully we’ll see the game hit PC within the same year.

We’ll know once Project Athia, that is, Forspoken gets closer to its 2022 release window. Until then, check out the official page for more details.

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