Project Awakened

Phosphor Games’ Project Awakened arrived on Kickstarter with an extremely ambitious pitch: a third-person action game in which players could craft a unique, heroic character from a multitude of different characteristics and aesthetics. With just five days to go and $300,000 USD still required for funding, it seems as if the effort may well fall short.

However, a failed Kickstarter will not necessarily mean the end of the game. Speaking to Velocity Gamer, Phosphor Games director Chip Sineni has confirmed that alternative funding for the game would be sought in the event of the title not reaching its Kickstarter goal.

“If [Project Awakened] doesn’t make it … we will have to go back to working on it slowly until some other method of funding comes up,” Sineni said.

He hopes, though, that many backers are currently just sat on the fence, waiting to jump in with funding at the last minute.

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