Project Cars 3 Revealed, Might Just Be The Best Racing Sim Come This Summer (3)

Project Cars 3 releases in just under a month, and a new trailer has been revealed by Slightly Mad Studios. It goes about asking the question of what drives us, subsequently showing off plenty of digital driving. It’s a bit heavy on marketing buzzwords, but the narration does add some hype to the snippets of gameplay seen. These clips reveal plenty of high-speed racing in licensed cars.

Sadly, the visuals shown off here look a bit underwhelming. Project Cars 3 comes across as one of those games caught in the generational switch, where developers are still creating for existing games consoles. The lighting looks flat, character models look robotic and the overall track detail just leaves something to be desired. Hopefully, the gameplay can make up for that come August 28.

Fortunately, the Project Cars 3 trailer shows off a game that looks to have evolved in substance. The first two games in the series followed more of a simulation racing style, akin to Assetto Corsa or iRacing. Project Cars 3 looks firmly geared towards Forza Motorsport for competition this time out, aiming for that perfect mix of simulation and arcade. Whether Slightly Mad Studios can pull it off remains to be seen, but in a year without a Forza release, it seems like a good time.

A rebuilt engine

It’s not only the physics engine that could see drastic changes. A lot of the gamey side of things are being altered too, with Project Cars 3 getting a rebuilt career mode. Here, players will now be able to see their progression more clearly. You can speed through 10 car classes, earn XP, and unlock upgrades and new events. The developers also point out that not all events will appeal to every player, so you can spend in-game currency to skip certain ones. Thankfully, this is all earned in-game and does not require real money.

Project Cars 3 trailer Revs Up For An August Release 1

XP and progression have seen an overhaul as well. Both now run across the entire game’s single player and online modes, providing a more connected experience. Multiplayer in general seems to be a big focus this time around, as additional modes and more-stable servers are to be introduced. Project Cars 3 launches August 28 on PC.

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