Look, I know this might seem a little out of the blue, but have you considered a change of career to international racing driver? At the Project Cars institute of careers advice, anybody is a racing sensation in waiting.

    This new video will take you through the important steps of your Project Cars career. Such as remembering your own name, or inventing a false one to confuse people and make yourself sound cooler. It’ll also introduce you to some ‘historic goals’ that you’ll want to achieve as a driver, in order to cement your place in virtual racing legend.

    These are things like defending your championship title for several years in a row.

    Project Cars is no fan of grinding, so it’s possible to start your driving career in whichever discipline you fancy. No unlocking tiers or groups or races seems to be required. Want to race GT right from the off, because you love GT? This is something you can do.

    If you want to begin at the bottom and work through the tiers, you can do that too. It’ll just be self-imposed, rather than restricted by the game itself. Plus, you’ll get the ‘zero to hero’ historic goal award.

    Quite a bit of the video is then an introduction to the Formula A race types. But the menus reappear to show you that it’s possible to browse through results, standings and possible new team contracts. That kind of thing.

    Have a look, below. Project Cars was recently delayed to early April.

    Peter Parrish

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