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Project Godus explores God-like powers in latest update

8315492ed74c3d5f4883cb4155ab81aa_large Project Godus explores God-like powers in latest update

One thing Peter Molyneux’s Project Godus can’t be accused of is a lack of updates. This latest video is the third info-dump in as many days (you previous two can be seen here and here). As with the other two videos, Peter and Jack (I’m not sure about that chap’s surname, so he’s just Jack) are discussing the game on some comfy looking chairs.

The pair chat about the feedback and questions received after yesterday’s video about single and multiplayer, before moving on to a few other suggestions (like a first person mode), some reassurances about mouse control and then getting into the bulk of the discussion; God powers.

That latter part takes place from around nine minutes onwards and teases tornadoes, fireballs and volcanic eruptions (complete with fluid dynamics).

Tomorrow’s update is promising some new images of the game.

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