Xbox Project xCloud exclusive games not happening

Microsoft’s Project xCloud testing is in full swing, enabling players to enjoy fantastic games on their favorite mobile device. But one thing they likely won’t get out of the problem is exclusive titles. At least, for now.

An Xbox spokesperson recently clarified some details about the service with Gamasutra. And although it will have some great features, there are no plans to give it games you can’t play anywhere else.

Why won’t xCloud have exclusive titles to choose from?

According to the spokesperson, the idea of the service is that it remains “complementary” to other services. As part of this “multi-year journey” with the service, there are “new capabilities” that the company is looking into. However, the idea behind the approach with game streaming is that it works alongside both console and Windows PC, not independent from it. As a result, there are “no plans for cloud-exclusive content at this time.”

This goes against a previous statement made by Project xCloud CVP Kareem Choudhry, speaking with Stevivor. He had said there that Microsoft was “in early talks with first and third-parties” about exclusives but that it could take a couple years before anything might come of it.

More than likely, Microsoft will continue working with companies to support xCloud with titles available on other services. These include its best-selling Game Pass Ultimate, as well as general releases on Xbox Live Marketplace. This continues to line it up with popular titles, while at the same time not limiting certain releases to one kind of service.

Again, this could change in the future, depending on how Project xCloud’s official public release goes. But for now, fans can enjoy the service’s variety of games, which are more than plentiful.

Check out more details about the Project xCloud service on its official Xbox page and in the video above.

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