In yet another attempt to encourage people to purchase videogames before they’ve even been released (and thus avoid hearing all those pesky opinions about how it might not actually be all that good), Activision has announced Prototype 2’s ‘Radnet’ edition.
Everyone who orders this ‘limited’ version of the game before the console release date of 24 April will be guaranteed a ‘Radnet’ edition. Which might lead a suspicious person to remark that this doesn’t sound terribly limited at all.
The video below explains Radnet in more detail, but in summary it adds weekly, stand-alone challenges to the title, the completion of which will earn you little bonus items and abilities. If you don’t have a Radnet edition of the game, you won’t be earning those bonuses. Fear not however, because there’s a very strong possibility you’ll be able to purchase the very same items at a later date (this is unconfirmed, but will almost certainly be the case).
In other Prototype 2 news, the PC version has been delayed until 24 July with no explanation. As the Radnet ‘rewards’ last for seven weeks following the console release, it’s unclear at this stage whether the PC version will include these in any way.

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