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All the way back at E3 2012, developer LucasArts revealed Star Wars: 1313, a grittier take on the eternally popular IP that would revolve around bounty hunters rather than Jedi. Unfortunately, the Walt Disney Company would acquire LucasArts near the end of that year, which led to the megacorporation reportedly putting the development of Star Wars: 1313 and all other LucasArts projects on hold. Although the game never became officially canceled, it might as well have been. Disney didn’t even renew the game’s trademark in 2014. However, those interested in the Star Wars: 1313 project can check out some long-lost footage that just now surfaced, which allegedly features the iconic bounty hunter Boba Fett in action.

This newly released footage comes courtesy of the YouTube channel “The Vault,” which chose to unveil it to commemorate the channel’s 6th anniversary. The early portion of the video depicts Boba Fett walking through crowded alleyways featuring repeated character models and unanimated creatures. Evidently, this footage shows an area still in the prototype stage, but there’s still quite a bit here. The lighting and overall atmosphere look convincing, to some extent, and a lot of work clearly went into the motion capture for the NPCs.


What about the rest of the footage?

The next bit of footage looks more unfinished, as it shows a chase scene taking place on top of skyscrapers that completely lack textures. Even so, the multitude of dynamic elements going on in this sequence gives a pretty clear idea of what the goal was. As for the rest of the video, it shows off several test animations portraying actions such as parkouring over obstacles and limping over after taking damage.

All in all, it is fascinating to witness this potentially never before seen footage of Star Wars: 1313 after it disappeared for nearly a decade. Even if we cannot play Star Wars: 1313, at least we can admire the vision.

Daniel Pinheiro
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