PS3 Overtakes Wii For The First Time In UK

Official data from Chart-Track has revealed that the PlayStation 3 overtook the Nintendo Wii in the UK for the first time last year.
In terms of games value, the PS3 took 27.1% of the market (up from 21.1% in 2009) while the Wii fell from 24.3% in 2009 to just 19% last year putting it in third place.
The PlayStation 3 is now the second most popular games console, in terms of games sales, in the UK.
Microsoft’s Xbox 360, however, continues to hold pole position rising from 28.3% to 35.2% in 2010.
Fourth, fifth and sixth spot remain unchanged for the Nintendo DS, PC and PSP respectively.
Electronic Arts was officially the most successful publisher in 2010 in terms of money generated from games, with Activision second and Nintendo third.

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