PS4 to PC remote play now available

PS4 to PC remote play now available

If you happen to own both a PS4 and a PC, it’s now possible to stream the former to the latter for some remote play on your monitor (or laptop screen, or whatever).

To do so, you’ll need both a PS4 running the latest 3.50 update (released today), a PC with Windows 8 or 10, and this client program. It seems to only support DS4 controllers too, but if you own a PS4 then it’s pretty likely you also have at least one of those to use.

Full instructions on getting it up and running are on that site linked above, but having just given it a go it seems pretty straightforward. You’ll want to turn on the PS4, fire up the remote play program, sign in to the PlayStation Network, wait for it to locate your console, and then you should be all set.

Resolution settings seem limited to a max of 720p at present, but that at least enabled Bloodborne to perform pretty fine across my 5Ghz wireless network.

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