The team over at Reactor Zero has released some new details surrounding the Open Beta for Rustbucket Rumble. The 2D-side scroller pits dueling robots against one another. You are tasked with destroying your enemy, then utilizing those parts to create a rock’em sock’em style giant android. If this sounds like a whirlwind of platforming and shooting–it is.

    Starting tomorrow, March 16th, you can register for your opportunity to play. Click the link here and simply add your email to the list to play.

    The developers are looking for the best feedback possible. Although you can play anytime, testers are encouraged to play at the following times:

    • Tuesday @ 11:00 PM EST
    • Thursday @ 8:00 PM EST
    • Sunday @ 3:00 PM EST

    Having played a few closed matches with the developers, I assure you that Rustbucket Rumble is living up to its name. The game has a fast-paced atmosphere, delivering on the nostalgia factor for fans of class 2D run-and-gun style games. There are various characters, each having their own ability, which adds to the mayhem present on screen.

    The game offers a bit of depth, even with simple things like characteristics of each individual robot in the game. Things like jet packs, healing abilities, flamethrowers, and clone ninja abilities are a few that come to mind. The competitive nature rides shotgun to the destruction as players are constantly destroyed, recycled, and sent back in to action.

    Players can even work together in order to insure a triumphant victor, which includes your giant robot bashing away at your enemy’s factory. The closest comparison would be something like a 2D version of Team Fortress 2.

    Greg Bargas
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