September 28th, 2018

PSA: Tyranny is free for Twitch Prime subscribers until July 17

PSA: Tyranny is free for Twitch Prime subscribers until July 17

Tyranny‘s a dark spin on isometric role-playing games. It doesn’t let you choose to be a noble hero or a wicked villain. Instead, it asks you to explore the morality of difficult choices in a world where evil is all that most people know. The Obsidian-developed game launched with positive reviews, including an 8/10 score from PC Invasion. Now, nearly two years after it first released, Tyranny is available for free if you’re a Twitch Prime member.

Twitch Prime subscribers can log into their account and claim a free copy of Tyranny on July 16-17. To do so, make sure you’re account is properly set up, navigate to the “Free with Prime” menu (it looks like a crown towards the top of the screen), and hit “claim offer.” Tyranny‘s just one of a handful of games available for free this month. A complete listing can is available here.

After snagging your copy of Tyranny, follow the installation instructions and get to role-playing.

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