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The big reveal for PSO2 was leaked ahead of its scheduled time at the IGN Summer of Gaming event (thanks to a now deleted Tweet). Coming this August, Phantasy Star Online 2 will receive Episode 4 content, which includes new story missions, Urgent Quests, and even crafting. However, what stood out the most in the announcement trailer (which was just anime fluff) didn’t have anything to do with Episode 4. The tail end of the trailer mentions the game will be on “more PC platforms soon.”

Such a line should bring welcome relief for PSO2 players. The game’s launch was far from smooth, with issues brought mostly by the clunky (read: shitty) Windows 10 launcher. Now, we may have some hope. The other PC platforms could hint that the game will soon arrive on Steam, GOG, the Epic Games Store, or all of them. It makes some sense, as before the game launched, a leaked manual mentioned Steam. Will a move to Steam be able to calm player frustrations over the current launcher? Perhaps, but it’s too early to tell.

Beyond that sneaky, little reveal, the rest of the trailer is all about that content. Episode 4 will bring a lot of goodies that have been left absent in PSO2‘s Western version — something we mentioned in our review. In August, PSO2 will get new story missions, Urgent Quests, a Battle Arena, crafting, and more.

Urgently waiting on a better way

Of course, at this point I don’t particularly care to have more stuff, compared to my desire for a Steam version of PSO2. The Windows 10 launcher issues have been so bad, that I haven’t bothered playing more than a few hours. And that’s only because I’m one of the lucky ones who just has to wait 20 minutes for servers to load — as opposed to those who couldn’t get it to run at all.

Episode 4 for PSO2 will arrive this August.

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