Psychonauts £1 On Steam

Steam’s Midweek Madness deal is the superlative Psychonauts.Psychonauts has been dropped in price from £5.99 GBP to £1.00 GBP on Steam, turning it from a must-buy into a what-are-you-stupid-it’s-only-one-quid-just-buy-it-already.Psychonauts is one of the most creative, inventive, and hilarious games of the past five years. As Raz, a new cadet at a summer school for psychics, it’s up to you to uncover a madman stealing the brains of the campers and stop his plot by venturing directly into the minds of other characters and unleashing all sorts of psychic powers.It’s brilliant, basically, and it’s what Tim Schafer and Double Fine did before Brutal Legend. At £1.00 GBP, it’s an absolute steal.Psychonauts is on sale at this price until Thursday.

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