PUBG data reviews players and bans 100,000 – Blue zone rebalancing

PUBG data reviews players and bans 100,000 – Blue zone rebalancing

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a cheating problem and PUBG is in a continual battle against it. In their latest update they address the issues but it’s not an easy task stamping out the cheats.

Following a data review of 10 million players, they identified around 100,000 instances of a new pattern of cheating and these players will now be banned in one single swoop. Although it’s a mammoth task, PUBG state they will continue to sift through data logs and try and keep on top of the cheating. They sound committed but it’s going to be an endless battle.

“In addition, we are looking into adopting a new solution to detect and ban more cheaters and we have been continuously strengthening our security systems. We have also liaised with investigative authorities in some countries to take legal actions against developers and distributors of cheats. We are determined to take strong measures against them going forward”.

They also mention an issue where there’s a lack of weapon recoil that looks like someone may be cheating. This is going to be fixed.

“We have identified an issue in our deathcam, replay and observing systems which is related to showing other players as if they are using cheats. When you watch the gameplay video of another player in the systems, it looks like there is no recoil even for a player who is not using a cheat. Please note that it is caused by a bug in the systems. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused in reporting cheaters and the confusion the bug has created for many of you. We are going to fix this bug as soon as possible. ”

The next step for PUBG is the rebalancing the Blue Zone with the following changes:

  • Slightly decreased the waiting time of the blue zones in mid-to-late phase of a match
  • Slightly decreased the shrinking speed of the blue zones in mid-to-late phase (In this phase, blue zones will now move at a slower speed and the travel time of blue zones has slightly increased due to this change)
  • Slightly increased the damage per second of the last blue zone

There are still cries from players asking for a region lock on China as it’s thought to be the main source of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds cheaters due to the sheer volume of Chinese players. PUBG has already partially addressed this saying that a ping limit system should keep players with a high ping out of matches where players have a lower ping.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Chase Masters

      How do you cheat in this game? And why can’t the developer patch it?

      • Paul Younger

        They do fix cheats, it’s just that players are constantly looking for new ways to circumvent the detection systems and find new cheat methods. That’s online gaming for you.

    • Michael Andersen

      I dont understand WHY anyone would cheat? What is there to gain by cheating? Are you trying to convince yourself that you are better then you are? Is there money I dont see on the line? Sure you can get a lot of viewers from stream and youtube if you get a ton of kills, and with that -money, but cheaters would quickly be spotted and then what are you, a joke??? Anyone explain to me why you or anyone would cheat? (Im not saying there is no cheaters in the game, I know for a fact there is alot, have seen it myself, Just dont understand WHY they do it?)

      • Adept

        To win, I think. For the more griefer minded, there’s an added bonus if the cheating makes somebody upset.

    • GameZard

      This game is so garbo.

    • waswat

      On average that’s one less cheater per match (every match has 100 players, 100,000 in 10,000,000 = 1 in 100)

      It’s a start.