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Following on from Dr. Burton Northrop’s trip to the Andes in the most recent Mysteries Unknown lore video, PUBG has released a cinematic trailer for the new map coming to the battle royale, Paramo. The trailer doesn’t reveal much. However, we do know that the landscape of the new map will be dynamic.

PUBG tweeted a teaser for Paramo a few days ago, which described the ever-changing environment as, “One new Map, thousands of possibilities.” While the dynamic details haven’t been revealed yet, the idea of a map that is always changing will certainly bring some freshness to PUBG. By their very nature, battle royales are repetitive. So, anything that adds variety is good.


Look closer

While PUBG Corp. hasn’t dished out the details of the new map, there’s a lot to be learned from the Paramo trailer and Season 9 preview post. For instance, the source of the changing environment is the active volcano. In the buildup to the Paramo reveal, PUBG also shared an image and short video of lava-covered terrain. The question then is, how will the volcano change the map?

PUBG describes the Paramo map as “small scale,” but originally it said the map was 3×3. The instant backlash on this incredibly condensed map size is presumably what caused PUBG Corp. to change the descriptor. It remains to be seen whether the map size will change before Season 9 goes live.

Pubg Paramo Reveal

In the trailer, you can see players dropping towards a specific location. However, the weather and terrain (even the buildings) change from scene to scene. So, it looks like Paramo will be different every time you drop into it.

The loot crates on Paramo will also be different from PUBG’s other maps. For one, they’re a lot larger. Presumably, they will carry loot similar to the Loot Trucks that cruise the streets of Sanhok. Another big difference is that the helicopters carrying the loot can be shot, forcing them to drop their cargo. Again, very similar to the Loot Trucks.

The final thing to know about the changes coming to PUBG with Paramo and Season 9 is that the season will be shorter and split into two segments. Each segment will last one month and have an accompanying season pass. The first segment will be update 9.1 and the second will be update 9.2. PUBG Season 9 drops on October 21.

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