PUBG reveals the 2018 roadmap – New map plans and more

PUBG PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG are now ready to reveal the game’s development roadmap for 2018 and it looks like content updates are going to be fairly regular.

The PUBG development team are planning to roll out major content every two months with smaller updates also appearing periodically. As well as new content, the team also plans to improve the game’s existing visuals.

The first major content update will be a 4x4Km square map which will be launched on the experimental test server and because it’s smaller battles should be even more intense with a higher player density and shorter matches. Later in the year a new 8×8 Km map will be added to the experimental servers.

Not quite as interesting but some players will get enjoyment from it is a the Emote system and that’s also hitting the test servers soon with more emotes being added throughout 2018.

PUBG are not ready to discuss new game modes yet which is a shame but they do mention that new vehicles are coming along with new weapons. Testing of the Achievements, in-game friends list and squad voice chat in the main menu are also ready to be tested.

Animations are also going to be improved with an overhaul of the game’s TPP and FPP animation systems which they say will make them “smoother and more reactive to the environment”.

Combating cheats is still high on the agenda and PUBG says they are battling with this on daily basis and they are still working on improving server stability. There are no specifics mentioned on what they are doing about cheaters so it’s all a little wooly.

As far as esports are concerned PUBG readily admits the game is not ready for it yet and they still have “much work to do”. Improving spectator tools is seen as an important part of making the game esports ready and also improving the MMR and ranking system.

This year the PUBG Developer Portal will be opened up to the community which gives access to the PUBG Developer API allowing the community to track match data and allow the community to create new resources for the game.

The full roadmap can be read on the official site but PUBG is not keen on giving specifics on many aspects as far as timing is concerned so it’s a little vague in that respect.

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