Pubg Season 8

PUBG’s eighth season has arrived on PC, bringing with it some interesting changes. To start with, PUBG corp. is introducing more backstory and lore to the game, following in the footsteps of Apex Legends and Fortnite. The last season 8 video went over this, showing us “The Sanhok Tapes.” A squad of four soldiers came across the mysterious PUBG control room, showing us a glimpse at just what’s behind the happenings of this particular battle royale.

Now, a gameplay trailer is here showing off the freshly updated map in more detail. We see the added presence of automated, self-driving trucks making their rounds through the map. They look menacing, but an attack can be worth the struggle. These trucks act like mobile loot drops, releasing multiple levels of loot. Some damage will cause lower-end gear to fly out, but if you fully destroy a vehicle, you can get your hands on fully customized weapons, which are new to PUBG.

As is true to every new season, a new battle pass will arrive with season 8. The “payback pass” will provide extra items, gear, and goodies throughout the season, with the developer teasing a little more than usual. Apparently, survivors who pick up the payback pass will be able to uncover more of the lore behind Sanhok’s return. “Survivors can also purchase the Season 8: Payback pass which will grant players access to more items that might further illuminate what happened and WHO was involved.” We’re not sure about placing story and lore content behind a battle pass paywall, but it’s intriguing to see where PUBG corp. is taking the story.

Elsewhere, a new ranked season starts with this update. A more nuanced method of handing out ranked points is coming to PUBG. From this point forward, ranked points will take into account team placement instead of individual placement. This change makes things more inclusive of team-based game modes and provides a more accurate ranked summary.

PUBG season 8 is now live on PC with update 8.1.

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