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PUBG has been testing a rating system for its upcoming Ranked Matchmaking for a few months. So far, the tests have been an attempt to develop the right algorithm to rate and rank players. Now, it’s testing a Ranked Ruleset for its more competitive mode through the PUBG Labs.

The team at PUBG Corp will be analyzing the data from the Labs test and looking for players to give feedback so it can ensure Ranked Matchmaking is as close as possible to what everyone wants it to be. The starting point of the Ranked Ruleset is a blend of the current public and esports rulesets.

PUBG Ranked Ruleset details

The Ranked Ruleset test will be conducted in both the third-person (TPP) and first-person (FPP) game modes. The maps used for the test include Eragel, Miramar, and Sanhok. And the number of players on the maps will be 64, the same as the esports ruleset. Additionally, from the image below, it looks like the test will only be conducted in Squads. So, no Solos or Duos.

Pubg Labs Ranked Ruleset

PUBG Ranked Ruleset overview from PUBG Labs.

PUBG Corp wants to reduce the impact of randomness as much as possible in its Ranked Matchmaking. To achieve this goal, the Ranked Ruleset will increase the item spawn rate on all three maps. The spawn rate of items that players would prefer to find will be increased even more – things like primary weapons, level two equipment, 4x scopes, and first aid kits.

With fewer players dropping into the map, the Blue Zone also needs adjustments in order to force confrontations. The first safe zones will be similar to the current public match ruleset. However, the tempo will increase as the game progresses.

There are a few other changes as well. Namely, the starting plane will fly closer to the first safe zone, the Motor Glider has been removed for now, and Flare Guns can still be found around the maps. The Flare Gun could be removed if it swings games too much. PUBG Corp has also decided to keep the unpopular Red Zone in the Ranked Ruleset. However, it is far more likely to spawn on the edges of safe zones to punish players who are out of position.

One step forward, two steps back

In true PUBG style, nothing good can be done without something bad happening. The drive to implement a Ranked Ruleset is good. Testing with the players and getting feedback from the community through PUBG Labs is also good. But scheduling the test at the same time as the PUBG Partners Vikendi testing event is very, very bad.

Players will be able to test the PUBG Ranked Ruleset from 11:00 p.m. PT on March 5 to 11:00 p.m. PT on March 8. That’s the same timeframe as updated Vikendi can be tested through the PUBG Partners custom matches. Why would you split your testers like that? Just focus on one thing at a time.

At least PUBG has added a conveniently located Labs banner just above the start button. So, if you do have time or can’t get into a game with a PUBG Partner, you can easily hop into a Ranked Ruleset test.

Pubg Labs Ranked Ruleset Test Start Button

See if you can find the Ranked Ruleset button in this image. Easy, right?

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