Pubg Update

Hot on the heels of its first-ever world tournament, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds received a new update this morning. The update adds some significant changes to the game, including an all-new bullet penetration model and much-needed UI fixes. It also reintroduces dynamic weather to the first two PUBG maps, Erengal and Miramar. For a detailed breakdown of the best content added in the PUBG update, read on below.

Most notable is the update’s bullet penetration feature. PUBG‘s long-standing obsession with ballistic models is a key differentiator in the crowded Battle Royale market. The bullet penetration system now affects all players’ arms and hands. When shot in the arm or hand, the bullet can continue along according to its ballistic trajectory and deal damage to other, squishier body parts. On the Steam news post announcing the update, an example is given: “If a player’s arm/hand takes a bullet while blocking their head, the full headshot damage will be applied. This penetration system works for the head, torso, and waist only.”

According to the developer, bullet penetration doesn’t apply to players’ legs. It also won’t affect shotguns, probably because of their pellet-based damage model.

 A cleaner UI

As expected from any patch to a popular game, PUBG‘s most recent update comes with a host of smaller tweaks and changes. In update #19, the game’s less-than-stellar user interface gets a makeover.

First and foremost is the ability to add markers without opening the in-game map. According to the developer, players can now right click while pressing Alt to tag wherever they’re currently aiming. Although marking up the in-game map is the best way to assure accuracy, the mapless tagging system will surely be useful to squads trying to coordinate strikes and short-range encounters.

Pubg Slider

Though simple, the new slider makes inventory management more palatable.

Also included to the map marker changes are improvements to benefit colorblind players. In addition to the fact that “colorblind settings have been improved,” the patch notes indicate that players’ markers now have corresponding numbers. Though a small change, this removes the need for players to rely on color-based callouts. Eliminated players can place markers on the map as well, allowing for inter-squad cooperation from beyond the grave.

Other UI improvements include a slider for improved inventory management. From the inventory, players can move a slider to select the quantity of an item they’d like to drop. Using Alt and left mouse drops the full stack while Alt and right mouse will only drop half.

There are numerous other small, less-notable changed included in the latest PUBG update. If you like to read patch notes line-by-line, take a look here.

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