I’ve not been actively following the release of Kerberos’ 4x strategy sequel Sword of the Stars 2, but from reading around it’s fair to say that it hasn’t gone well.
Creative Director Martin Cirulis is calling his own game “a pile of blown apart code and unstable features” (including missing tutorials, left-out features and a general lack of functionality). Elsewhere, Fred Wester (CEO of publishers Paradox) has been moved to write “I can personally guarantee we will work on the game until it works as it should be, and in the meantime all I can say is that we should have done this better. Our sincere apologies”.
The developers are now promising “at least 2 or 3 updates a week over the next month or so that will gradually make this game into what it should have been” and offering free copies of Sword of the Stars to anyone who bought the game (“if a free copy of the orginal SotS will help tide you over while we get this game shined from turnip to jewel, then please write to “contact@kerberos-productions.com” and we will set you up,” Cirulis writes).
Unconfirmed reports suggest that Kerberos’ financial situation forced them to release the title long before it was ready. That’s an understandable dilemma to have (the only other alternative would presumably have been to scrap the game), but maybe a bit of a heads-up for the people who’d already ordered it might’ve been nice?
Sources: kerberos-productions.com, forum.paradoxplaza.com

Paul Younger
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