Pure Farming 2018 Ama Reveals Interesting New Details

Pure Farming 2018 wil be launching in just a few weeks. Earlier today, some members of the team behind the game took to Reddit for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. It lasted for a few hours, and quite a few questions were given to the team (including some from myself). Nearly every question was answered, and a lot of interesting details were revealed as of a result of these answers.

Before I share the answers that were given to my questions, allow me to feature some of the other questions that were asked by other users:

  • Krzysiek3334 asked if there would be any multiplayer added to the game.
    — It will be coming, albeit after launch. The team decided to make mod support a higher priority, so that will be taken care of first before work on multiplayer begins. 
  • Jan_Brummbaer asked about mod support on consoles.
    — Modding tools won’t be in the PS4/Xbox One versions of the game, but the developers will pick the best mods from the PC version and port them over to the console versions as free DLC. 
  • Moceansound asked if there will be a map editor.
    — The modding tools will initially only support vehicles, but the devs are open to expanding upon them further in the future. 
  • Deejoo asked about DLC support.
    — The devs hinted that DLC will be released after launch, and they plan on supporting on the game “for a long time”. 
  • Deejoo asked if there are any more machines that have yet to be revealed.
    — There are some that are being kept as a secret until launch. 
  • Phela123 asked about what are all the brands that will be featured.
    — The devs are in talks with “pretty much everyone” and they’re trying to get as many brands into the game as possible, but cannot yet confirm exactly what will be coming. 
  • KeltiaVikinga asked about if fatigue simulation for the farmer would be added.
    — The devs confirmed that the ability to skip the night has been added and can be activated by approaching the farmer’s house. Time will still pass when the nighttime is skipped, so crops will still grow and other in-game changes will occur as usual. 
  • J3r3myKyle asked about crop fertilization to increase yield and if crop-withering can be disabled.
    — Fields are separated into classes; higher classes will have less of a need for fertilization and plowing, but all fields will benefit from using these farming methods. 

Alright, now here are the questions that I asked the team:

  • “Will vehicle handling be tweaked?”
    — The developers have been working on the handling system and camera control since sending out the preview build of the game, and these features will continue to be adjusted up until release. 
  • “Will there be a traditional tutorial mode?”
    — There is a mode that will be in the retail game called ‘My Farm’. It’s a full campaign that takes about 40 hours to complete, and also serves as a tutorial mode of sorts since it guides you through the game.
  • “Will there be a sequel?”
    — It will depend on the game’s sales/popularity. As for right now, they’re just focused on “trying to make a game people will enjoy”.

After the AMA concluded today, the devs invited users to continue posting questions and they’ll answer any new ones later. Even so, clearly a lot of good questions from all sorts of users have already been answered. By the looks of it, the devs are still working very hard on the game behind the scenes, despite it launching in just a little over two weeks from now. I’m excited to see what tweaks and changes are made in the retail version. For now, I’m playing the preview build and will be publishing my full review in time for the game’s launch. Until then, feel free to check out my gameplay series of the preview build that’s currently running on the PCE YouTube channel. Here’s the latest episode:


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