Pure Farming 2018 will be launching in just a few weeks. The developers are making sure to keep the hype train rolling, as today a new feature was revealed: mod support. This feature will allow players to create their own 3D models of vehicles, and configure them in the modding tools application for Pure Farming 2018. Once that’s done, the new custom models can then be added to the game.

Other popular farming-sims like Farming Simulator are known for their mod-support, so it’s great to see Pure Farming embracing this feature as well. This will be exclusive to the PC version of the game, but the developers will select the best mods and port them over to the PS4/Xbox One versions as free DLC; this was revealed during a recent Reddit AMA along with a lot of other cool details.

Check out the trailer for Pure Farming 2018 mod tools:

A.K Rahming
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    Pure Farming 2018 AMA Reveals Interesting New Details

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