Ice Flames, the development team behindĀ Pure Farming 2018, have been working extensively on the game evet since it released a few weeks ago. This has resulted in a steady stream of patches which have been rolled out continuously, adding features and making improvements as suggested by the player base. The newest patch bumps the game up to version 1.14 on PC and has quite a bit of changes.

Some of the highlights are improvements to AI workers, the addition of real mirrors, key mapping fixes, gameplay balance improvements and terrain texture improvements. The developers have confirmed that a new patch for the console versions will be coming soon.

Here are the full patch notes:

Bug Fixes

The AI should no longer leave unworked strips on the field.
The AI should now turn around halfway across the field if the other half doesn’t need to be worked on.
An AI using a baler should now work properly, no longer stopping after just one strip.
Fixed problems with key mapping.
Fixed the potato storehouse animation.
Fixed the display of vehicle coordinates in the travel menu.
Fixed the display of the amount of grain being sold using the tablet.
Fixed a bug with unloading eggs from the trailer.
Fixed a bug where vehicles transported to another country drove more slowly.
Fixed the option to pay off a loan in installments.
Fixed a bug that caused inputs to disappear after changing the controller to keyboard+mouse using F6.
Fixed the camera when moving from vehicle to vehicle and when changing views.
Fixed the scope of work done by the “Sipma Boryna” and the “Sipma Antek”.
Fixed the potato storehouse audio.
Fixed the animation of unloading potatoes from the trailer.
Added information on machine capacity in the tablet.
Audio fixes – removed excess noise from machine sound effects.
Several fixes have been introduced regarding collisions on the maps.
Visual improvements of terrain (optimized textures).
Gameplay balance has been improved.
The Easter egg hunt event has finished – sapphires are back.

Gameplay Changes

An option to turn on real mirrors in vehicles has been added.
An option to configure the driver in vehicles has been added to the Importer. Now you can set arm and leg parameters for the driver’s model. The driver will move their hands during turns.
The Importer UI has been optimized.
A function for automatically aligning the wheels has been added to the importer.
A sound effect has been added for the conveyor belt when loading potatoes.
An option has been added to change the tips being displayed when loading a game.
A new look for the radio options menu has been introduced.


A.K Rahming
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