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Balls, shaft, you can make up your own bad joke here.

Pool should be such an easy game; it’s just angles and keeping a steady hand. But it’s not an easy game, as too many hours spent with my head in hands at another missed shot will testify. At least with Pure Pool I can do that at home.

VooFoo’s latest bar-room sports title (they did Hustle Kings too) has some beautifully rendered balls and some convincing-looking physics. It boasts the options you’d hope for in a Pool title: online, head-to-head multiplayer and various online tournaments. There’s a single player component too, which features one of the more ambitious aspects. Pure Pool says it will clone your friends’ DNA (uh, kind of) to create an AI approximation of their playing style for offline matches.

In my case that would be a few absurdly lucky shots mixed in with cracking under any kind of pressure whatsoever.

The game types appearing in the trailer (below) are US 8-ball, 9-ball, Killer and Accumulator. Pure Pool will be out “soon.” Beneath the trailer, there are some PS4 screenshots from E3. The PC version will no doubt look pretty similar.

Peter Parrish

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