Put Dark Souls PC on Steam or we’re not buying it, say fans

A PC version of Dark Souls was officially announced earlier this week. 
Good news, right? Well, not for everyone… 
Dark Souls PC (due 24 August) will support Games for Windows Live, something not a lot of people are not too happy about.
We already reported that a petition has sprung up online in an attempt to add Steam support for the dungeon crawler. Now, however, things are getting serious; the petition has already garnered over 11,000 signatures.
“GFWL is unpopular, difficult to use, inconvenient, has terrible online support (a key feature in Dark Souls), and is downright unpleasant,” reads the petition’s mandate.
“After anxiously awaiting a PC release for this fantastic game it feels like a real slap in the face hearing Dark Souls will use Games for Windows Live.
“We recommend Valve’s Steamworks in place, as this DRM is much easier to use, less intrusive, more reliable, and more accepted among PC gamers.
“Please reconsider the use of GFWL, or offer the game on both services. Thank you for taking the effort to port this game, but for a lot of customers it’s Steam or no sale.”
There you go Namco, Steam or no sale.
It would be an awful shame if a lack of Steam integration ruined Dark Souls’ chances of success on PC. Not least because it’s a wonderful game that we named as IncGamers’ top game of 2011.

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