Puzzle Agent Now Open To Pre-Orders

Telltale has announced that Puzzle Agent is now open for pre-orders.Puzzle Agent appears to be Telltale trying its hand at Professor Layton, with the typical adventure exploration combined with self-contained brainteasers. It’s also Telltale trying its hand at deeply unsettling nightmare fuel, being that it’s being created in conjunction with Graham Annable.Pre-ordering it will cost you a mere $9.95 USD, and also nets you a voucher than knock 50 per cent off anything else in the store. While that voucher can’t be used with Puzzle Agent, or used in conjunction with other promotions, that still means you can get the latest Sam & Max season for half off.Hit the jump for a developer interview with Annable and Telltale’s Mark Darin, containing plenty of info on the game and its inspirations.