q.u.b.e. 2 Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition free Epic Games Store

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another bundle of free games from the Epic Games Store. This week, it’s QUBE 2 and Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition. QUBE 2 is an interesting Portal-esque puzzle game that follows 2012’s QUBE Although the series lacks the writing chops of Valve’s excellent puzzle series, it has clout when it comes to gameplay. QUBE 2 is longer than the original and comes with some graphical improvements to boot, so there’s no reason not to try it.

Although you’ll have to wait until next week for the Halloween-themed freebies — Epic is releasing SOMA and Costume Quest then — there are some spooks in this lot. Also available to download now is Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition. Layers of Fear is a 2016 horror game where you control a painter who’s trying desperately to finish his greatest work. Trapped in a Victorian-era mansion, you’re haunted by psychedelic visions and sounds, all while trying to fight personal demons.

The Masterpiece Edition comes with the base game, as well as the DLC, Layers of Fear: Inheritance. The shorter narrative follows the daughter of the painter you play in the original game, who returns to her childhood home to face past horrors of growing up. Like the base game, Inheritance features multiple endings based on how you play.

Bloober Team, the studio behind Layers of Fear, Observer, and the recently released Blair Witch, put out Layers of Fear 2 earlier this year, so it comes as little surprise that the original game is being released for free on Epic Games Store. The more surprising free game is QUBE 2, which is currently selling on Steam for $24.99. You’ll still need to pick up a season pass if you want all of the DLC — Toxic Games, the developer, released the Aftermath puzzle pack earlier this month. But at only $13.99, it’s not a bad deal.

Jacob Roach
Jacob Roach is a writer and video game lover based out of St. Louis, Missouri. After finishing a degree in English at Southern New Hampshire University, Jacob returned to St. Louis where we now writes about anything tech or gaming related. In his free time, he enjoys JRPGs and fast-paced shooters, as well as the occasional card game.

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