Quantum Break

You have to feel a little bad for Remedy, still having to wrestle with the structure of the Windows 10 store to add standard PC features to Quantum Break a couple of months after release. Still, at least they’re doing it.

The latest patch (update 3) lets you disable v-sync. That’s not a sentence I’d have expected to be typing about any PC games outside of perhaps some extremely cheap ports of obscure Japanese titles, but that’s the world that the Windows 10 store has created. The update means that Quantum Break can now take advantage of either G-Sync or FreeSync (if you have the requisite GPU and monitor).

Remedy have also “Fixed an issue with game controllers not working correctly on some configurations” and performed some “General fixes”. This probably doesn’t mean “massive overhaul of the game’s performance” I’m afraid.

The developer has also “removed SSE4.2, SSE4.1, SSSE3 limitation, which will enable Quantum Break on Windows 10 to run on unsupported, below minimum spec hardware.” Attempting to do so is taking quite a risk, given that it doesn’t really work properly on machines that are within recommended specs.

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