Quietest Gaming Keyboards

Gaming keyboards come in a variety of different flavors. And some of the most popular options tend to be mechanical keyboards with clicky switches. The problem is that these can be pretty loud. If you’re living with someone who just hates the sound of a loud keyboard, then you’ve got a problem. The solution is to find a keyboard that isn’t anywhere near as noisy. Luckily, finding some of the quietest gaming keyboards isn’t too tricky.

When we’re looking for a quiet keyboard, we’re actually looking away from some of our mechanical favorites. Instead, membrane keyboards and low-profile options are going to make less noise. It may go against your instincts if you’re a devout mechanical keyboard user, but some options are absolutely worth checking out regardless.

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The best quiet gaming keyboards in 2023

Rii RK100

Rii Rk100 Gaming Keyboard

Image via Riitek

Product Specs:

Backlight: 3 Color LED | Passthrough: Micro-USB | Media Controls: Programmable F-keys

Average Price: $25.99 USD

First up is the Rii RK100, which is styled to look like a mechanical keyboard. Thankfully, for our purposes, it’s not. It mimics the feel of a mechanical keyboard, but doesn’t use switches. Some of its most positive aspects are its very low price, LED backlight, and general construction. It’s honestly a pretty nifty keyboard for all intents and purposes. And if you’re looking for a cheap and quiet option, you could do a lot worse. Some cheaper keyboards miss the mark when it comes to build quality and usability, but the Rii RK100 does a good job. It doesn’t really do anything too unique like some of our other options here, but it’s a decent choice.

Arteck HBO30B

Arteck Hbo30b Wireless Keyboard

Image via Arteck

Product Specs:

Backlight: LED | Passthrough: Bluetooth | Media Controls: Programmable F-keys

Average Price: $33.99 USD

Next up is the Arteck HBO30B. This is a keyboard that’s technically meant for tablets and other small devices, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work for a PC. And if you just need something quiet to use at night, then this could be a smart option. It’s also wireless via Bluetooth, so you can use it for a lot more than just your PC. It even has an LED backlight with a choice of seven colors. All in all, it’s not bad for a little keyboard. Again, this is still a pretty cheap option, but good for those that only want a quiet keyboard for certain situations.

Razer Ornata V3 X

Razer Ornata V3 X Quietest Gaming Keyboards

Image via Razer

Product Specs:

Backlight: RGB | Passthrough: USB | Media Controls: Programmable F-keys

Average Price: $39.99 USD

If you’re a Razer fan, the Ornata V3 X has you covered. This membrane keyboard has basically all you could want from a Razer device. But since it’s as cheap as it is, there are some concessions here and there. For example, it has RGB lighting, but it’s only a single zone, so you won’t get those fancy light shows. But the Razer Ornata V3 X still makes for a solid keyboard in other areas. Plus it has a wrist rest which is a big positive for some. It’s also quiet, and perfect as a gaming keyboard. So it’s a win-win for our purposes.

Redragon K512

Redragon K512 Gaming Keyboard

Image via Redragon

Product Specs:

Backlight: RGB | Passthrough: USB | Media Controls: Dedicated Media Controls

Average Price: $46.99 USD

The Redragon K512 is a membrane keyboard that offers plenty of neat features. For starters, this is our first option on the list with programmable media controls. It also has a dynamic RGB backlight. And again, it’s quiet enough to use at night or whenever you may need it. The K512 is a solid keyboard, and may even impress you enough to replace your current go-to choice. The low price makes it easy to find out if it’s something that could interest you.

HyperX Alloy Core

Hyperx Alloy Core Keyboard

Image via HyperX

Product Specs:

Backlight: RGB | Passthrough: USB | Media Controls: Dedicated Media Controls

Average Price: $49.99 USD

A similarly good option is the HyperX Alloy Core keyboard, which still keeps the price low. The design here is simple and streamlined. Alongside the quietness of the keys, it has RGB backlighting, media controls, and solid build quality. It’s basically everything you could want from a gaming membrane keyboard at this price point. All things considered, it’s absolutely one of the best quietest gaming keyboards out there.

Logitech G213

Logitech G213

Image via Logitech

Product Specs:

Backlight: Lightsync RGB | Passthrough: USB 2.0 | Media Controls: Dedicated Media Controls

Average Price: $69.99 USD

The Logitech G213 is a very well-known keyboard at this point. If you want a good-quality, high-performance gaming keyboard, it’s hard to go wrong here. Plus its membrane design allows it to be quiet. Thankfully, the actual experience of using it is not dissimilar to some of the best mechanical keyboards. So it definitely doesn’t feel like a downgrade in that regard. Then there’s the Logitech Lightsync RGB backlight and dedicated media controls to sweeten the deal. And what we’ve got here is a fantastic quiet gaming keyboard at a very reasonable price.

Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT

Corsair K55 Rgb Pro Xt

Image via Corsair

Product Specs:

Backlight: RGB | Passthrough: USB 3.0 | Media Controls: Dedicated Media Controls

Average Price: $79.99 USD

We’re starting to reach the higher price points now. And the Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT is certainly worth a look. For starters, it’s got Corsair’s trademark simplicity with a sleek design. Complimenting that is the RGB backlight which you may want to tone down a bit if you’re using the keyboard at night. Thankfully you can do just that with the backlight controls next to the media buttons. The K55 also comes with a wrist rest to make typing even easier. It’s on the pricier side of the list, but it’s well worth the money if you prefer form, function, and silence.

Logitech MX Keys Mini

Logitech Mx Keys Mini

Image via Logitech

Product Specs:

Backlight: None | Passthrough: USB-C/Bluetooth | Media Controls: Programmable F-keys

Average Price: $99.99 USD

The Logitech MX Keys Mini offers is another portable option that makes quiet typing a breeze. It’s most similar to Apple’s usual low-profile keyboards, And it gives you plenty of freedom due to its wireless connectivity. But we are missing out on some things because of that. There’s no backlight at all, and media controls are handled by the ‘F-keys’ located on the top row of the keyboard. But those aren’t really awful trade-offs for what you get here. The MX Keys Mini also comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose one that suits you best.

Razer Ornata V2

Razer Ornata V2

Image via Razer

Product Specs:

Backlight: RGB | Passthrough: USB | Media Controls: Dedicated Media Controls

Average Price: $99.99 USD

The Razer Ornata V2 is another well-established keyboard, and for good reason. It combines the best parts of Razer’s keyboards into a more affordable product. And it’s well worth considering for one of the quietest gaming keyboards. One of its better features is the inclusion of a cushioned wrist rest, which makes longer typing sessions much more manageable. For $99.99 USD, you’re getting a solid keyboard that ticks almost every box.

Logitech G915

Logitech G915 Quietest Gaming Keyboard

Image via Logitech

Product Specs:

Backlight: RGB | Passthrough: USB | Media Controls: Dedicated Media Controls

Average Price: $249.99 USD

The final keyboard on this list is a bit of a cheat, but one that’s worth mentioning. The Logitech G915 is actually a mechanical keyboard, but one that is very quiet if you choose the right switches. With linear switches, the G915 actually has minimal noise when typing. And since it’s a mechanical keyboard, you do feel that extra jump in quality. It’s certainly an expensive jump in price, but the Logitech G915 combines the quiet experience with the quality of a mechanical keyboard in the best ways. And, for some, that could be well worth the price.

A big range of the quietest gaming keyboards

We’ve got a pretty big list of keyboards here and they’re all well worth consideration. Ultimately, you should think about how much you’ll be using the keyboard. If it’s only for temporary use in quiet situations, it may not be smart to get an expensive option. But if you’re planning on using it full time, you’ll probably want something higher quality. You’re certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to gaming keyboards but, if you stick with this list, you can’t really go wrong.

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