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R.U.S.E. Details And Screenshots
PC Invasion

R.U.S.E. Details And Screenshots

Details of the upcoming RTS title, R.U.S.E., have emerged at E3, along with several screenshots.

R.U.S.E. allows players to win a war by the means of deception. See the main features of the game below, with screenshots after the text:

Become the master of deception
Fight a war of perception using recon units & your spying network to gather intelligence on your enemy and then strike at his Achilles heel.
Use overturning deception skills to mislead your enemy: decoys, camouflage, radio silence, deciphering, intoxication…
Combine military manoeuvres & cunning stratagems for victory: your brains are the ultimate weapon.
From captain to the chief in command, live an epic campaign full of manipulation, jealousy & betrayal.

Experience War as a Strategist
Command a huge spectrum of units: dozens of infantry, vehicles & aircraft units with specific abilities.
Wield executive power: secure revenues, plan units production & launch advanced research programs.
Undermine the enemy strategy by cutting its supply lines & weakening its logistics.
Use the exclusive IRISZOOM engine as the most intuitive interface to easily identify the balance of power and run into action.
Fight on immense & incredibly detailed maps, the biggest in a RTS: a perfect playground for strategy.

Fool real people is the ultimate thrill
Test your strategic skills with fast-paced, addictive cooperative & adversarial skirmishes, up to 8 players.
Face unpredictable battle situations & reverse the balance of power by using bluff and deception against your opponents.
Choose your nation between six Axis or Allied powers with specific units & abilities.

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