Rabbids Coding Learn To Code For Free

Educational games are a smart way to get unsuspecting children to learn things. The kids have fun and, without even realizing it, they also learn a new skill. Ubisoft’s new free game, Rabbid Coding, aims to teach kids the basic principles of coding, without forcing them to look at a wall of code.

Computers are becoming increasingly more pervasive in our daily lives. There’s a computer in almost everything. In the current digital age, being able to write code is one of the most useful and important skills you can possess. Being able to code will allow you to help shape and design the future we’re headed towards.

If you can clean a spaceship of Rabbids, you can code

It’s all very serious business. Rabbids Coding, on the other hand, has taken a less serious approach. Rabbids have invaded an international space station and you’re tasked with cleaning it up before they destroy everything. It sounds more like a chore than a game. And it would be if you were just trying to usher some Rabbids out the door and into the vacuum of space.

But that’s not how things are done in Rabbids Coding. You need to clear out the Rabbids with a mind-control device or by luring them with dropped sausages. And by ‘out’ we mean ‘into a wormhole infused washing machine’ and a few other creative exit hatches.

Rabbids Coding requires no previous knowledge of programming. You simply drag instructions from a menu, place them in the order you like and hit play to see what happens. If you don’t like the results, you can move your instructions around and try again. Once you’ve proven you have the basic principles of programming down by completing the 32 levels, you can take your new-found skills to a sandbox environment to test and play to your heart’s content.

Rabbids Coding Learn To Code Through Progressively More Challenging Levels

Ubisoft is hoping that classrooms and educational environments worldwide will pick up the game. For now, you can download it for free to your PC.

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