‘race The Sun’ Coming To Sony Gaming Systems This Summer

Race the Sun Coming to PS3, PS4, PS Vita This Summer, its an indie game developed by Flippfly LLC, and a game currently available on Steam. An Arcade racing, Sci-fi game with a lot of customization should give you plenty of hours is this highly rated indie game, with cross play on the Sony family gaming systems.

“Our top priority in bringing the game to Playstation is to keep that experience consistent and pure. To that end, we’ve decided to support cross save and make the game a cross buy purchase. Everything is falling into place for Race the Sun, and we’re pumped to launch on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita this Summer.
We can’t wait to share our creation with you, the Playstation community, and hear what you think about our game of unsafe speeds. Feel free to comment or ask us anything below!” Source Playstation Blog

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