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Bethesda’s upcoming open-world shooter Rage 2 looks to be dialing up the crazy. While we’ve heard about all kinds of cheat codes that will modify the gameplay, fans were especially looking forward to getting their hands on the BFG 9000 from Doom. A nod to ID Software’s ultra-popular series, the BFG is a screen-clearing monster of a weapon. It’s become notorious over the years, even making an appearance in the Doom film, though they did change its name there.

Sadly, it seems not everyone can get the dastardly weapon in Rage 2. In a recent Reddit thread asking about the legendary weapon, a Bethesda community manager confirmed that the BFG 9000 will be exclusive to the game’s Deluxe and Collector’s Editions at launch. This does open up the opportunity for Bethesda to eventually make the weapon accessible for standard edition owners. However, we don’t know when that would happen, if ever. We also have no clue if the gun is DLC, which means it could require a fee for anyone who doesn’t opt for the deluxe versions.

Rage Against The System

This isn’t completely out of the blue for the Rage series. The original version launched with a deluxe “Anarchy” variant that included bonus missions and weapons. It also came out in an era where the dreaded “online pass” was starting to take hold. Although technically not going by that same name, anyone that bought a second-hand copy of Rage was locked out from missions on the disc. One might have hoped things had changed in the eight years since the original’s release. But no, that turns out to have not been the case. Of course, I don’t think not having the BFG is reason enough to cancel a pre-order, but I also typically don’t go for pre-orders with any games.

Whether or not this pushes you over the edge, know that getting the full Rage 2 experience means you’ll have to pony up extra.

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