Rage 2 is the free game of the week in The Epic Games Store

Rage 2 and Absolute Drift are free on The Epic Games Store this week

Another week, another batch of free games. Rage 2 is this week’s hot(headed) free game on The Epic Games Store, along with Absolute Drift. Of course, this means that Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander’s free week has come to an end. You’ll have until February 25 at 11 AM to get your hands on Rage 2 for no cost, so act fast. After that, it will cost $59.99 USD.

Avalanche Studios and id Software’s Rage 2 is a chaotic open world FPS with lots of guns and explosions. You control a ranger named Walker, who roams the earth after an asteroid sent the planet into an apocalypse. The wasteland has been overrun by vicious gangs, so you’ll need to channel all of your rage into taking them out in order to survive. There’s vehicle combat, upgradable weapons, and superpowers — oh my. If you enjoy Fallout and Borderlands, you should definitely give Rage 2 a chance while it’s free.

The standard edition of Rage 2 is free on the Epic Games Store. If that leaves you wanting more, there’s also a deluxe edition coming to the Epic Games Store soon. In addition to the base game, the deluxe edition includes the Rise of the Ghosts Expansion, the DOOM BFG 9000 weapon, Wasteland Wizards Cheat Codes, a Progress Booster, and Battle Standard.

Absolute Drift is free, too

This week’s free Epic Games Store deal is a twofer. In a huge contrast to Rage 2, the chilled-out racing game Absolute Drift is also available at no cost. This minimalistic indie title from Funselektor Labs Inc. sends players down tracks and mountain roads to “master the art of drifting.” You get up to six customizable cars, three game modes with more than 30 levels, and five free-roam areas. Like Rage 2, Absolute Drift will be free until February 25, and then it will be $11.99 USD.

When you’ve got your fix of road rage and road serenity, head back to The Epic Games Store on February 25 to grab Sunless Sea. Don’t worry — we’ll remind you.

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