Playing card game will boggle your mind.

Not only does Rage combine a lot of elements (shooting, exploring, an open world, driving, racing, racing while shooting etc) it also, according to Creative Director Tim Willits, features the “most complex mini-game ever.”
Those are bold words, especially considering the rather wonderful card-based mini-games the Final Fantasy series has offered over the years. 
“On Facebook there’s a card game called… Wizards, or Wizards and Warlocks, maybe? Anyway, that game is kind of similar to what we’ve got in Rage,” said Willits.
“Basically, the more cards you find the more you have in your deck. When you go to play you have your deck randomly shuffled and then you face off against other players. If you find the special cards then you improve your starter deck and you have a better chance of winning.  That’s one of our more complex.., in fact, it’s the most complex mini-game ever, in any game.”
Our full interview with Mr Willits can be found here.

Rage features in-game collectables from classic series

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