RaiderZ: Broken Silence set to expand the MMO

Perfect World has announced an expansion for their monster hunting MMO RaiderZ which will add more content and features for players.

New content planned for the Broken Silence expansion will include an increase of the level cap to 40, new zones, an updated PvP battle arena system and of course more monsters.

“Players have been asking for more content – and that’s something that we wanted to address with the upcoming launch of RaiderZ: Broken Silence,” says Senior Producer Mark Hill. “The Grand Wall of Silence has fallen. Now, the Kingdom of Rendel and its citizens face a new threat from the north. I can’t wait to share more details about this expansion. Expect more info very soon.”

New shots have also come our way for Broken Silence and there is no release date set just yet in case you were wondering.


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