Rain World 1.51 now in open beta with new Slugcats and multiplayer

Rain World 1.51 now in open beta with new Slugcats and multiplayer

Rain World is a cracking platformer and it was back in June that developer Videocult outlined their plans for the 1.51 update.

Today 1.51 has been launched into open beta on Steam brings a whole host of new options to the already great game. This update adds the following new playable characters to suit different playstyles.

THE MONK – “Weak of body but strong of spirit. In tune with the mysteries of the world and empathetic to its creatures, your journey will be a significantly more peaceful one.”

THE HUNTER – “Strong and quick, with a fierce metabolism requiring a steady diet of meat. But the stomach won’t be your only concern, as the path of the hunter is one of extreme peril.”
A large bestiary of strange new creatures to eat and be eaten by.

One of the most important additions in this update is new multiplayer arena modes. In the four player competitive mode, players will have to catch batch, spear creatures, and each other to earn points. Players choose unlocked rooms by finding yellow level tokens in the single-player campaign. The creatures that appear in these rooms will be dependent on which blue creature tokens have been discovered.

The second multiplayer mode is the Sandbox mode. Players have to put together custom scenarios using rooms, items and creatures unlocked from the single-player campaign.

We recommend you check out Rain World of you haven’t already, it’s one our favourite games of this year. To access the beta, right click on the game in Steam, go to properties > Betas and enter the code “MANYSLUGCATS”.


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